Canada Immigration

Canadian Immigration Plan for 2018

• Overall, Canada may welcome as many as 300,000 new immigrants over the calendar year of 2018.
• Quebec aims to welcome more than 30,000 through economic programs, including the Quebec Skilled Worker Program.
• Government aims for 50,000 new immigrants to come through the Provincial Nominee Programs.

Karma Overseas assist you incounselling and Clear advice of Canada Immigration for below categories.

• New Express Entry (FSW)
• Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
• Federal Skill Trade Program (FSTP)
• QUEBEC Skilled Worker (QSW)
• Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program (SINP)
• Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MNPNP)
• All Provincial Nominee Program Under Express Entry
• Manitoba Business Program (MPNP-B)
• Business / Entrepreneur Program (BCPNP-B)
• Manitoba Business Program (MPNP-B)
• Business / Entrepreneur Program (BCPNP-B)
• Yukon Business Program (YKPNP-B)
• New Brunswick Business Program (MBPNP-B)
• Nova scotia Business Program (NSPNP-B)
• Quebec Immigration Investor Program (QIIP)
• Student & PR / Citizen Dependent Visa
• Farm Owner / Operator Category / Young Farmer Stream

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Express Entry For Canada

• Government of Canada, provinces and territories (P/Ts) and Employers will have a direct role in economic immigration.

• New and improved Job Bank will connect Canadian employers with a comprehensive pool of candidates if they can’t find Canadians or permanent residents to do the job.

• Express Entry candidates with a valid job offer or P/T nomination will quickly be invited to apply for permanent residence.

• CIC will be able to select candidates that are most likely to succeed in Canada, rather than the first in line.

• Express Entry candidates will benefit from processing times of six months or less.*

• All Category candidate can apply.

• Master Degree will add more points.

• IELTS Higher score will add more Points.

• Education related Experience not required.

• Candidate can apply for PR under multiple programs at a time.

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Quebec Skill Worker

• Student with 6 month Exp. can apply for PR*

• Lower Pass mark to qualify (Applicant/ Appli.+ Kid 50 & Married 59)

• You can apply to both Express Entry & QSW

• No settlement funds & No Job offer required

• Shorter processing time (24 Months*)

Highest Priority for:

o One / Two Kids
o Master Degree
o Account / Banking / Finance Marketing / Purchase / Zoology / Nursing
o All Engineers: Computer, IT, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical / Electronics etc.

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Manitoba Business Program (Mpnp-B)

• Invest 1,50,000$ (INR 75 lacs) and more in Business & get family PR.

• Basic IELTS / Exploratory visit will add more points.

• Investment with in 2 year after reaching Canada.

• In future you may sponsor your family Members for Permanent Residency.

• Applicants must establish a new business in Manitoba, or purchase and expand an existing business in Manitoba.

• Successful Applicants are “nominated” and have their applications for permanent residence expedited under Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s Provincial Nominee class.

• The main purpose of the business is to earn profits from active income from the supply of products/services.

• The business must have the potential to create significant economic benefit.

• The Applicant or sponsoring company must own at least one third (33%) of the business.

• The Applicant demonstrates the intent to provide on-going, day-to-day management and direction of the business.

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Sinp Farm Owner/ Operator Category/ Young Farmer Stram

• Minimum net worth of $500,000 CAD for Farm Owner/Operator Category.

• Minimum net worth of $300,000 CAD for Young Farmer Stream.

• $75,000 CAD Good Faith Deposit will be refunded once you fulfill your commitment.

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