Terms and Conditions

  • Karmaoverseas acts as a Visa Consultant (Freelancer) on behalf of their clients in the submission of applications for visa and additional services to the appropriate institutions and/or immigration authorities.
  • By making payment for our service, you agree to abide by terms and conditions as set out here. Karmaoverseas reserves the right not to provide any service without the client agreeing to our terms and conditions as set out here.
  • Karmaoverseas  aims to process the visa application in the timelines committed to in its promotional materials. Karmaoverseas  will use its best endeavors to minimize any delay or inconvenience caused in this respect. However,Karmaoverseas does not guarantee time guidelines for any visa application. Karmaoverseas  will not be held responsible should the immigration authorities or any other third party change their rules, regulations or processing requirements if that change has a direct effect on the timeline for delivery.
  • Visa processing times shown on promotional materials are standard/average processing times. Any processing times advised by Karmaoverseas  through its agents or materials should be used as a guide only.
  • For Immigration / Visitor / Student and tourist visas, Karmaoverseas  may apply on the client’s behalf, yet the embassy may decide to grant a visa or not. The decision to grant a visa remains solely with the embassy andKarmaoverseas  does not have control over this. In this situation, Karmaoverseas  will not refund any amount to clients.
  • Karmaoverseas  will always lodge a visa application in the applicants’ best interest. We are Visa Consultant (Freelancer) and we do not have authority to grant a visa of any kind. We cannot guarantee a positive result on a visa application or any assessment or review in arriving at the final result, which is part of the visa process
  • Karmaoverseas  will use and rely on information provided by the client in the provision of services to that client. Karmaoverseas  will not independently verify or assume responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of such information.
  • Karmaoverseas  cannot be held responsible for any expense and/or delay arising from incomplete application forms, inaccurate/false or incomplete information provided or inaccurate/false or incomplete supporting documentation.
  • Karmaoverseas  will not provide any service (including the lodgment of a visa application) until payment has been made to Karmaoverseas  in full for that service. Karmaoverseas  is not responsible for any repercussions of not providing the service in question.
  • Our prices may need to be changed without prior notice as our prices are governed by exchange rates and changes in immigration costs.
  • As soon as the initial payment is received, the client is deemed to have engaged the service of Karmaoverseas . Our service is our professional advice and expertise. Once the service has been engaged it cannot be returned, whether or not the client has changed his mind or no longer wishes to utilize it. If a client submits a refund request within 30 minutes of payment, they may not be entitled to a get refund, if the service has not been provided to them and/or work has not commenced on their file.
  • Karmaoverseas  registration pack payments are nonrefundable.
  • In the event of loss or damage to any passport or documents received, Karmaoverseas  liability will be limited to the actual value of the passport and documents up to a maximum of Rs.2000 per paid application. Karmaoverseas accepts no liability for consequential loss
  • Correspondence (Email / Application Forms / Other any documents) between Immigration and Karmaoverseas  with regards to any visa application is strictly confidential and is not subject to further distribution to third parties (including main applicants).
  • Karmaoverseas  bears no responsibility or liability for you breaking any existing visa terms and conditions (including overstaying) that you hold or previously held which results in you subsequently becoming illegal in another country. It is your responsibility to ensure that you remain legal at all times while you are in another country.
  • Karmaoverseas  will not be held responsible for any loss or damage caused by an embassy/consulate issuing an incorrect visa or incorrect details on a visa as this is out of our control.
  • Karmaoverseas  shall not be held responsible under any circumstance to compensate you for any loss, damage or delay of passports or travel documents by any third party courier/delivery company.
  • If any issue comes between Karmaoverseas  and Client only Ahmedabad Jurisdiction will be applicable no third party will be involved to resolve the issue and no other city jurisdiction will be involved and this term and condition should be followed by all the clients of Karmaoverseas  once client sign the agreement client is bound with our condition.